Goodbye, DITA


I can’t quite believe I’ve almost made it through the first term of my Library Science Masters – where did the time go!? In this last post for this module, I’ll be reflecting on weeks 7, 8 and 9 of DITA and thinking back on the module as a whole.

In week 7 we learnt all about altmetrics from guest lecturer Amy Rees. Altmetrics are a non-traditional indicator of online behaviour that are complementary to the more traditional metrics. They give real-time, immediate feedback and are thought to capture a broader picture of engagement. I found the ways in which altmetrics could be used in practical situations for companies particularly interesting. Being able to see what seems to be trending in a particular area and potentially knowing how best to disseminate your work has real-life benefits that I will definitely be bearing in mind for the future.

Week 8 was a little bit of a strain for me. We learnt about coding, specifically using the Python language. Although I really struggled with this class, it was overall a beneficial experience for me. I’ve learnt that I definitely don’t want anything to do with coding in the future! And I think that’s okay. We all have our limitations and this sort of thing is mine. I want to enjoy my masters and I’d rather dedicate my time to elements of the course that I find intriguing, rather than stress myself out over something I find difficult to grasp and I’m not comparatively interested in.

Speaking of things I am interested in, week 9 was a thoroughly entertaining experience. The class revolved around artificial intelligence and we had multiple discussions about its relation to the LIS profession, looking into the not-so-distant future. Unlike some people, it would seem, I find the concept of AI fascinating. Not knowing exactly what the future holds for the LIS profession makes me feel even more excited for its future!

Overall, this was a thoroughly engaging, thought-provoking module. We had some very stimulating debates and the participation from other classmates was particularly useful. They shared so many interesting ideas that challenged my own ideas about LIS. I also learnt some things about myself, too. I understand better the kinds of aspects of LIS that interest me the most, which will help me in my studies and research going further. I think what I found most fascinating about this module and, indeed, the term overall was how LIS could relate to basically anything. It can be applied in so many different instances and it’s definitely broadened my views. I am very much looking forward to learning new and interesting ideas next term!

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